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Let me tell you a little bit about me. My name is Tammy and I am the wife (since May, 1982) to my  AMAZING hubs Rick. He has always inspired me to do what I want and allowed me to follow my dreams. I am “mom” to our three children, Angie, Kristi, Jenni and their spouses Nick, Tanner and Alan. I am also “nana” to my granddaughter’s Ava and Kaylee, and my newest grandson Ellis, as well as “momma” to our dog Kenzie, who complete our circle of love.

In August, 2014 I left my 16 year job as an office manager to pursue my passion of designing and creating home decor. Wood is my material of choice as I have watched my hubs for so many years create so many things and I learned so much from him. And because he had so many tools already I thought, hey, I can do this as I have him right here to teach me when questions come up. Right?! Oh yeah, I am up for the challenge LET’S DO THIS!

Many ask about the company name, how it came about. It was a team effort with my family but the final one I picked was submitted by my son-in-law, Nick.  In the business aspect I do so many things with wood but yet outside of work so much DIY and renovating in our home so the name Beyond the Wood fit perfectly. I love the name and everything took off from there.

I LOVE working on projects and designing for others but I also find great joy in decorating and updating our 1950’s home. Hubs and I together, work on projects and I am excited to share them here on the blog. I find inspiration in the little things and that is when the thoughts and ideas come to life. My “to do list” is forever long so be sure to check back often. I am truly excited to share my DIY projects, tips and tricks for decorating on a budget with you.

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