All your questions answered!

A// No, I do not at this time. But feel free to ask if I have something you might be interested in and I can let you know if I have it to be viewed at my home. I do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all orders. So you are never under any obligation to buy once you come for pickup. I have never had to use that but I do offer it.

A// My hubby does help when he can at busy times like Christmas or if I really get back logged. He will cut wood for me and stain as needed during those times.  He has also helped with furniture builds which is a great help. This past year he has also done 100% of my wood buying which is a HUGE help. I have a small SUV so getting 8ft pieces of wood in there was always a challenge and I am not a fan of driving his full size truck. lol I would love his help every day but he works a full time job and has his own projects and commitments so I always feel guilty taking him away from that. Thankfully he is always willing and glad to help if he sees I need it.

A// Yes, my hubby has taught me everything I need to know. From time to time he will still run the drill press because I have not used that one enough to feel comfortable. He had all the tools imaginable so it was easy starting this business. We did upgrade some of them for better productivity but for the most part much of them were his. Watching him over the years gave me the confidence of doing this on my own.

A// My shop is a 2-1/2 car attached garage to our home. It is heated in the winter but not central air in the summer unless I keep the door open to the house. That is where I do all the wood cutting, staining/painting and assembly. My studio is an extra room we have in our home. That is where I do everything else for my business. Design, painting, invoicing, packaging and everything else related to the business.

A// I started the business in August 2014 but I have always been into designing and making things for myself and family. My creative gene comes from my mom who is deceased and I know she would LOVE what I am doing now.

A// My signs are all hand painted but I am NOT an artist so tracing paper and stencils are my best friend. I am getting better with each sign from experience on the right tips and tricks I have leaned over the year.

A// Well to be honest I think with any new business it is up to the owner to work their butt off in the first few years until the budget allows hiring. Currently, I do work alot but I am at the advantage I can spread that out in the 24 hour period if I have other commitments.  But as far as hiring, I do hope one day to be able to do that but for now I do what I can and try not to over book myself like I did the first couple years. 

A// My clients for sure. Meeting such fantastic people and creating and designing something special for them. I truly enjoy picturing something in my head and bringing it to life. I also find great inspiration from the littlest things around me in my everyday life. I may see something in a photo or in somebody’s home and my wheels start turning.

A// Record keeping (taxes = worst part ever). I am good at it but it just takes so much time away from what I would rather be doing.

A// I get so many questions regarding decorating and clients wishing I could come to their home which I currently do not do because of my busy schedule. So, I thought blogging with sharing tips and decorating ideas from my own home and my diy projects would benefit others. I am so passionate with decorating but no means am I a professional, totally just a hobby. But if it helps others I am totally game. Also, a blog is like writing a book. It will be fun to look back in years the changes along the way. 

A// To be honest I don’t do that well. Managing my business use to be top priority when I first started it. But I have learned over the years it needs to remain family first. Although, because its now just me and hubs at home its very easy to always work such late hours. We are very simple people and love being home. We don’t travel and vacations have been non existent. When the kids come home or stop in I always make time for them. Me and hubs will always have dinner together and catch up on the days events and we always clean up together after supper so that’s our time together. Weekends he does his “to do list” while I am also working but we will take breaks from time to time and just sit, chat and relax. Our life is not glamorous and exciting but it truly works for us.

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