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Swinging doors can be so cute!

Hello, can you believe Friday is almost here! These weeks just fly by like no other and this week has been a crazy weather week here in Wisconsin. I think we have had it all,  sun, rain, sleet and snow. Yesterday we got another couple inches but if the weather forecasters are right we should be in the 50’s this weekend and all sun! BRING IT ON!

I feel so bad for the birds as they all seem to come out on the warm days and eat away at my bird feeders then the next day it is freezing and the feeders are all covered in snow.

I was reading an article the other day that we are suppose to be washing bird feeders once a week to rid them of any mold that has grown on the food from the rain or snow. YIKES. I do not do that at all. I seriously clean them once or twice in the summer and that is all. I better step up my game to keep the birds healthy. 🙂

This week has also been an “out of the norm” week for me. Hubs and I are watching my daughters dog while her and her hubby are prancing around in London, France and Venice. She earned, for the second year in a row a free trip. How? Because she works her butt off with United Health Care and she was the 1st place seller in the central region and the second place in the whole country for sales. (yes, proud momma right here) So needless to say she really earned it and certainly deserves it with how much she works.

So they left last week Friday to first stop in London to visit her best friend that moved there over a year ago. Yesterday they left London and flew to Nice, France and then headed over to Monte Carlo, Monaco where their gathering will be for work. Which I know the company will spoil them and shower them with gifts. The pictures she has sent so far are beautiful. Then Sunday they head out of there to check out Venice for a couple days. They will then head home next week Wednesday, so 1 day shy of two weeks. I would be jealous if I loved to travel but I hate traveling! lol.

In the meantime, I have her 7 month old puppy. Yup back to the joys of a puppy and seeing how much energy they really have. Thank goodness my dog who is 10yrs. old loves her and treats her like her own pup. If I yell at the puppy for getting into something she should not be my dog will run over to her and bark at her to stop. It’s so funny and she listens so good to her doggie mom. They follow each other around like best friends. You all know with multiple dogs what that is like. Just so cute! So far almost a week in and she has been so good. I really think her mom and dad miss her more than she misses them. lol Let’s just pray for a safe return through all their travels.

Did you ever want to block off a room in your house but not fully with a full blown basic door? Well I did and finally resolved that issue. After our kitchen makeover I knew the entrances to my office needed something. That room is in the back of our house which has two entry ways. One is from our living room and the other is from the hallway off of the kitchen and laundry room. Here are some photos.

Then here from our kitchen down the hallway was another entrance to my office/studio.

I really hated being able to see in there from those rooms and from the living room in the front window at night you could see all the way back into that part of the office. So I would always make sure the blinds were closed in the living room which was a pain.

I really wanted to put up a sliding barn door but the hallway off the kitchen and laundry room did not have the wall space to do that. Because I am so picky with things matching I had to come up with a better idea. I really did not want to put up a full door on both openings because same thing, space for when they would be open would be so limited. Plus I really wanted it to look just “cute and rustic”. Ya know that decorator jean in me had to come out. lol Soooo I decided to make partial barn doors like saloon doors that can swing open and shut as needed. I knew this would be the best solution and yet be open at the top and bottom for light to come through from the patio doors in my office.

So onto amazon I went looking for hardware for swinging doors. This is the set we bought but I did not like the color so I sprayed them. Hubs measured the size of doors we would need and we cut all the boards, sanded and stained them and lastly I assembled them and put on the handles. Hubs hung them and BAM here are my new gorgeous saloon doors. These photos are from the living room opening…

and these are from the hallway off of the kitchen and laundry room. seeing through the top and bottom yet is so nice so it does not appear smaller. They also just give that perfect amount of privacy that I wanted.

Here it is from the inside of my studio at night on the other side of the picture above. So the hall and kitchen are dark and its all closed off in here looking all cute! 🙂

I am tickled pink on how they turned out and I LOVE them. I think they just add so much rustic charm!

I could have put the set by the entry of the hallway near the kitchen but I rather it be blocked off from the office/studio room. So at night it looks so nice in this room when they are closed off to the rest of the house. I do keep them open all day because I am in and out all day long. If by chance they are closed during the day I love the light that still comes through on the top and bottom and the dog can still go in and out. They also do swing either way which is so nice.

There you have it another project checked off the list. Oh, but the list is soooooo long so much more to come.

Enjoy your day my friends and I hope you have an awesome weekend and please feel free to leave your comments below. As always be sure to subscribe to our newsletter here so you don’t miss a post and you will also receive a free printable.

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  1. Anonymous

    How adorable, I love the look

    1. Tammy

      Thank you I appreciate it!

  2. Janean

    Very nice. I love how you are able to make or modify something else to get exactly what you want. No ‘settling’ in your household. haha

    1. Tammy

      lol thank you and very true I really don’t just settle.Plus, anytime I can make something I envision I sure will!

  3. Jan

    Thank you for an amazing idea, I absolutely love it! I had a problem where I too couldn’t do a door because of space and I couldn’t do a pocket door and I didn’t want accordion door. Then I came across your post and absolutely was thrilled you’ve solved my problem. I can hardly wait to put it together thank you!

    1. Tammy


      I am so happy it helped you with a decision. This post was written a long time ago and I still have and love my swinging doors. I do feel I will keep them up for many many years. Thank you for your comment!

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