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Decorating with Crates

If you are like me I LOVE crates. I use them for so many things including decorating. Today I am going to show you some ideas I use them for in my own home.

First off crates are very inexpensive. You can find them at craft stores, home improvement stores and best of all the nice old aged ones are at flee markets. I have a few old ones from my father-in-law that are packed away and one of these days I am going to bring them out. He had them in his basement and sadly they got a very strong musty smell to them. When he passed away I still decided to take them and packed them away in the garage and this summer I hope to get them out again and air them out in the fresh air and use them in my home. So we will see if that happens.

But for now I have either bought some as I need them or I make what I need. Here is one I have in my kitchen on the counter. I just tipped it on the side and my canisters that I use often I set in there and then the top can hold a couple little trinkets! How easy is that!  Just gives a nice warm, rustic feel and really dresses up the space!

Also, in my kitchen I made this crate to hold my cookie jar. I needed a specific size so I had to make it and I love how it turned out!

In my living room I have a couple different crates. This one I just stacked two on top of each other to use as an end table. One I turned backwards and the other open so I had a shelf to add some trinkets and coasters! I did angle one for a cuter design instead of just stacking two of them… how cute is that!

A few more in my living room are these. One is just sitting in the window sill holding some birch log candles and another one is being used as a plant stand. You can also stand the crate up if you needed it to be higher but in this location I did not want the plant to over power the shelf behind it so I kept the open side of the crate on the carpet and used the bottom of the crate to hold the plant. Just gives that corner a little character rather than having the plant sit on the floor.

In my office I once again used a crate for a plant stand and also a binder holder. If you don’t need the storage below you can just turn the crate around and have the opening face the wall as shown in the second picture. BAM two more great uses for crates! 🙂

Again in my office here was a great way to organize papers by my printer. I just added shelves to this one and voila, another great use for a crate.

So there you have it, so many uses for crates in decorating.

I also use to have one nailed to the wall and used as a shelf which was super cute but I since changed that up with some metal bins. But the ideas with crates are endless. Do you have some ideas how you are using them in your home to decorate? I hope these ideas gave your inspiration. When you buy them in the store they do come unfinished so you can paint or stain them to match your space. So if you are into that rustic farmhouse style run out and buy some crates! 🙂

Alrighty friends, it’s time to get at my calendar and plan out my week. I really need to do that to stay on track. I hope you all have a FABULOUS week and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter here. I would also greatly appreciate any comments you may have so please post below. So many more decorating tips and tricks on a budget coming soon! YAY!

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  1. Sue

    Hi Tammy!
    Your home is absolutely beautiful! Do you make and sell the crates?

    1. Tammy

      Thank you so much Sue! I do a mix of both. I buy some because they are cheaper then the time it takes to make them. But I also make and can sell when a specific size is needed. I also had a client a few years back wanting me to just stain the ones she bought so I can do that as well. Or I could buy them as well and stain/paint which would be less expensive than making from scratch.

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks Tammy, decisions, decisions. Stay tuned! 🙂

  2. Dan E

    Nice crates! My wife ask me make crates like these and she love them.

    1. Tammy

      Oh wonderful. They really have so many great uses and look so cute!

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