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My tip on hiding a thermostat

Howdy howdy!

I hope you are all doing well. This summer is just flying by and I am so in shock that we are heading into August very soon. Seriously where has the summer gone.

My first granddaughter, Ava, is going to school this year and will be in 4K. She is so excited but yet will be really missing her momma and sister. They are just 14 months apart and are very close so she keeps asking if sissy can come with, lol. Just crazy to think she is going to school already.

I bet many of you are so ready for your little ones to go back to school while others love having them home. I remember when my girls were young they were so ready to go back to school until they were about 10, then it was a different story, they did not want summer to end. But like all of us they survived and life moved on.

Watering Can

Remember my post about the “Styled Potting Bench”?  In that post I mentioned I was still on the hunt for a vintage type watering can. Well guess what….I finally found one last week. It is that vintage style I wanted and is perfect.

It came plain but I dressed it up with this burlap and painted the No. 3 on it to give it more character. I think it is so cute and looks perfect there, hey?!

Beyond the Wood handmade home decor DIY

While we are here I have to show you how much the flowers have grown on my potting bench. If you remember that post,  here is back in June when I first styled it for the summer.

potting bench

Here is now……..gorgeous or what!

Beyond the Wood handmade home decor DIY

As you can see on the bottom I also added a cute little wood vine bench that I picked up at Good Will for just $2. I have not had the chance to put a small plant on it but will do that next year. But isn’t it adorable!

Beyond the Wood handmade home decor DIY

I also moved my parsley into the house so I can snip off of it when I am cooking without having to go outside. Nothing better than fresh parsley.

Beyond the Wood handmade home decor DIY

Beyond the Wood handmade home decor DIY

Lets talk about hiding your thermostat!

I did share this tip on facebook last year but not sure everyone seen it so I will share it here. The nice thing about having this blog is the search feature. You can always search for a post you know you read over the years so keep that in mind. Plus, the blog helps me to remember a year and month when I did a big project in my home. 🙂

Our thermostat was such an eye sore. I mean it was off to the side of the wall but the color just stuck out like a sore thumb on the darker grey wall. I really did not like it and wanted to hang a sign there.

Beyond the Wood handmade home decor DIY

So I decided to build a small shelf just below it to hold a sign that would hide that ugly thermostat.

It is just a small narrow shelf but holds a picture or sign perfectly.

Beyond the Wood handmade home decor DIY

No more thermostat!

I am so thrilled how it turned out and now I can switch out the sign whenever I want. If you need to adjust your thermostat it is still easy enough to just take the sign off. We have ours programmed for turning the air on and off at specific times so we rarely have to make adjustments. But when we do its easy enough to take the sign down for those few seconds.

Beyond the Wood handmade home decor DIY

Off to the far right in the next picture are my swinging barn doors and I will have you know I still LOVE them. You can see more photos and read that post here.

Beyond the Wood handmade home decor DIY

Beyond the Wood handmade home decor DIY

There ya go friends, another simple decorating tip on hiding your thermostat. I hope it gives you an idea for your own space.

In the coming weeks I will be painting that grey wall a lighter color. I have loved that wall and the wall going up the steps being that darker grey but now I want something different. So stay tuned on the color I pick and the big change that paint can do.

I hope you all have a great rest of your night…see you soon with more decorating tips and tricks on a budget!

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  1. Sarah

    I love this idea! I just asked my husband a few months ago if he could move ours because it’s right in the middle of a wall I want to decorate. He of course said no. So this will be a much better alternative. Thank you for the idea! By the way I love you potting bench too and seeing how everything has grown.

    1. Tammy

      You are very welcome Sarah, I am glad you like it and I am glad you enjoyed the update on the potting bench. The plants have really grown well and I will be sad when winter comes and they die off. I thought about bringing them indoors but not sure I want them all in here lol.

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